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PAYMENTS: A 50% deposit is REQUIRED on all taxidermy work before we begin. This is based on the standard price is does not include any charges for custom alterations, habitat on lifesize and pedestal mounts, wood/metal bases, crates, or shipping. All taxidermy work MUST be paid in full before pick-up, delivery, or shipment. We will call 30 days PRIOR to completion to collect on the remaining balance due. If at that time, you cannot pay the balance on your mount, it will be moved to the back of our production list. If upon completion, said mount is not picked up within 30 (thirty) days OR arrangements made from date of notice, the mount will be sold and the deposit forfeited. All European/Skulls will be PAID IN FULL upon drop-off.

TURN AROUND TIME: Our current turn around time is one year or less. If you have not heard from us; it is not done. Our short turnaround time relies solely on TIME IN THE SHOP.  When we are stuck on the phone; work is not getting completed.  The first phone call or text message asking about the status of a mount will be a freebie. Any additional phone call, text message, or Facebook message inquiring about the status of a mount, in which we have not called you about yet, will automatically incur a $25 fee per call/message.

Many factors have a definite effect on the final results of tanning, such as primeness of the specimen, time of year, climatic conditions and care of the skin/trophy in the field when it was harvested. Occasionally, a skin will not tan or falls apart during the tanning process due to improper handling before shipment/delivery to us, or because of some sort of defect in the skin for which we cannot be held responsible. For these reasons, we cannot assume any responsibility or offer any guarantee of the tanning of any skin. 

This statement releases Cedar Mountain Taxidermy from any responsibility for damage to the mount due to loss by fire, theft, or loss in transit.

SHIPPING: We use multiple trophy shipping companies to deliver your mounts to you. We avoid shipping mounts via UPS due to the high rate of loss we've seen over the years in other taxidermy shops. When your mount is complete, we will call you to verify your address you want the mount delivered to and will then reach out to our shipping companies we work with to get you quotes. Shipping fees are paid directly to the shipping companies. Once the mount is picked up at our shop, the company will reach out to you and coordinate a delivery date. This process varies, but we've noticed it takes an average of 4-6 weeks.

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