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If you have an animal you would like to ship to us, please download our Work Order below:

Please be as thorough as possible when filling it out! 

How much cape do I need to keep for a shoulder mount or pedestal mount?

Often times, people cut it WAY to close on capes. You would rather have too much cape than not enough. We recommend people cut all the way around the animal at the last rib - that way if you decide on a custom pedestal mount, we have plenty to work with. Do not cut into the brisket on the animal! Keep an eye on this section - this fall, we will draw diagrams and post videos on proper skinning techniques to ensure the best mount!

How do I get my trophies from another country to you?

You must use a broker to get your trophies back into the United States. If you have harvested animals that have to go to a USDA facility, the broker can have your animals shipped directly to our tannery. If not, the animals can come directly to us. We have forms to get you in touch with our broker if you need a place to start! We recommend getting in contact with them before your hunt to make things run smoother. Contact us for more details.

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